1.Library guide

Ebina City Library

Address 〒243-0434
474-4 Kamigou, Ebina-shi
Telephone 046-231-5152
FAX 046-235-5880
Transportation Take Odakyu Line, Sotetsu Line or JR Sagami Line to Ebina Station, 7 minutes' on foot from the station
Opening hours 9:00 A.M. until 9:00 P.M.
Closed days None (open 365 days a year)

Facility Information

"Kids' Library"
Children's books and picture story books are available for children.
When the weather allows, the 4F Terrace is ideal for families to enjoy the open air.
3F "Library & Studyspace"
Specialty books in the fields of social science, education, history/local history, industry, language/reference books etc. are available.
A reading room with approximately 90 seats is also available.
2F "Library"
Cooking, life, travel, sports, art, culture and other lifestyle related materials are available.
Picture story books, children's books, stationary etc. are on sale at the Tsutaya Books store.

"Library & Cafe"
Business, politics, international affairs, magazines, newspapers and other current affairs related materials are available in the library area.
Tsutaya Books store has a "Magazine Street" stocking over 600 titles and selected new publications,
In addition, high quality stationary and miscellaneous goods to enrich daily life are also available.
You may relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing through books or magazines that you are interested in at the Starbucks cafe.
B1 "Library"
Literature and literary works, mainly Japanese and foreign novels, are available.
You may concentrate in you reading at the Reading Room.

Arima Municipal Library

Address 〒243-0426
1-20-41 Kadosawabashi, Ebina-shi
Telephone 046-238-4646
FAX 046-239-2284
Transportation Take JR Sagami Line to Kadosawabashi Station, 5 minutes' on foot from the station
Opening hours 9:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M.
Closed days Library rearrangement day (Last Monday of each month or the following non-holiday, if falling on a public holiday.)
Special rearrangement period
Year-end and New Year

Facility Information

1F Library reading room, office, book storeroom, multipurpose room, screening room etc.

Other Service Points

Ebina Station Liaison Post (EBI~NYA House)

Ebina Station Liaison Post is located on 2F of VINAFRONT adjacent to Ebina station.
You may collect reserved materials or return checked out materials.
* Please note that reservation and re-checking out cannot be processed.
Opening hours: 10:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M.
Closed: December 29 through January 3

Kashiwadai Liaison Post

Kashiwadai Liaison Post is located within Sotetsu Line Kashiwadai Station.
You may collect reserved materials or return checked out materials.
* Please note that reservation and re-checking out cannot be processed.
Opening hours: 10:00 A.M. until 7:0 P.M. (closed 12:00 Noon until 1:00 P.M.)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and Dec. 29 through Jan. 3

Higashikashiwagaya Elementary School Municipal Library

You may use the Municipal Library located at Higashikashiwagaya Elementary School.
You may check out books stored on Municipal Library book selves and collect reserved materials
You may also return books checked out from the Ebina City Library, Arima Library, Ebina Station Liaison Post and Kashiwadai Liaison Post.
*Only check-out card (library user's card) can be issued.
Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. (May be closed due to school event etc.)

2.Opening hours/Closed days

Ebina City Library

Opening hours 9:00 A.M. until 9:00 P.M.
Closed days None (open 365 days a year)

Arima Municipal Library

Opening hours 9:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M.
Closed days Library rearrangement day
(Last Monday of each month or the following non-holiday, if falling on a public holiday.)
Special rearrangement periodYear-end and New Year

*Days and hours of opening are subject to change due to operational reasons or natural calamity.

3.Applying for a card

T card

Check-out card (Library user's card)

You must have a valid user's card to check out books.
Application for issuance or renewal of conventional library check-out cards (library user's card) can be made at Ebina municipal libraries.
In addition, a new T card can be issued or library check-out function can be added to a T card you already hold.
Please note that Ebina City resident registry card with library use already registered may also be used to check-out books.
To find out the difference between a library check-out card and a T card, please refer to FAQ
"Q: How is a library check-out card functionally different from a T card?"

How to apply for a card

Any one residing in Japan may apply for a user's card.
Any one who agrees with the library terms of use can fill in an application form and submit the same, together with identification credential (driver's license or similar that can be used to identify the person and verify current residential address) to the counter.
If the ID credential does not carry a photograph, such as the National Health Insurance card, utility bill or similar that can be used to verify current address will be required as well.
Please refer to FAQ "Q: What kind of documents will qualify for personal identification?" for ID credentials required.

  • Use of user's card (check-out card) shall be restricted only to the person to whom the card is issued to.
  • Validity of a library user's card shall be for 3 years from the date of issue.
  • In the event of loss of your card or change of address or phone number, kindly contact the library without delay.

Handling of personal information

Personal information of the library users submitted to the library shall be used solely for the purpose of operating Ebina municipal library and shall not be used for any other purposes.
In addition, check-out records linked to personal information shall be deleted from the library system immediately after return of checked out items.

Wide area availability

Ebina City, together with municipalities of the central prefectural region (Cities of Sagamihara, Hatano, Atsugi, Yamato, Isehara, Zama, Ayase, township of Aikawa and Kiyokawa Village) have been making library services of the respective municipalities mutually available to residents in said region.
Ebina City has now opened up our municipal library service to any person residing in Japan.

Other libraries in the central prefectural region will continue to operate as before.
You will need to individually register with the libraries before you can check-out a book.
You will need to present a credential by which you can prove where you reside.
* Check-out card issued by one library is not a common card valid for use at other libraries.

4.Checking out materials from the Library

Take the material you wish to check-out and your user's card to the automatic check-out machine.
Follow the instructions from the check-out machine to operate it and you will be able to check-out by yourself.
However, you are requested to check-out large picture story books and certain other materials at the counter.
For guidance, please do not hesitate to request help from the Library staff.

The number of days you are allowed to check-out materials are listed in the table below:

Number of materials and duration allowed to check-out by type of material

Material No. of materials allowed to be checked out Duration
Books, magazines Up to 10 Up to 2 weeks
AV materials Up to 2 Up to 2 weeks
Total Up to 10 Up to 2 weeks

Reference materials and latest issues of magazines may only be read inside the library.
For those who wish to view AV materials in the comfort of your own home, login ID and password to NAXOS Music Library may be checked out.
You will be able to enjoy a vast variety of music, mainly classical music, over the Internet.

*If you wish to view/listen to AV material within the library, you may check out a portable DVD player.
You may view/listen to up to five (5) AV materials per day.
*You may check out a portable DVD player once in any given day.
*You will be required to use the checked out portable DVD player in the designated location within the library.

5.Returning checked out materials to the Library

Please return checked out materials to the Return Counter. User's card is not required for returning materials.
Please do not return materials directly to bookshelves etc.
You may return checked out materials to any one of following facilities: Ebina City Library, Arima Library, Ebina Station Liaison Post, Kashiwadai Liaison Post, Higashikashiwagaya Elementary School Municipal Library.
If the library is closed, you may deposit the checked out material into the Return Postbox located to the side of the Entrance.
Return Postboxes are also provided at railway stations, City Hall and TSUTAYA Sagamino Station Store. You may use any of these Return Postboxes.
However, you are cordially requested to avoid using these Return Postboxes in returning AV materials, materials with discs. Kindly return those to the Library Return Counter so as to avoid causing any damages to the media.

6.Return by parcel-delivery service/Home-delivery service

Returning by parcel-delivery service [(1)]

At Ebina City Library, return by parcel-delivery service is available from anywhere in Japan for a set rate of 500 yen.
If you request for this service at the counter located on 1F of Ebina City Library, you will be issued with an pre-printed transmittal form and a dedicated shipping bag.
When returning cheeked out materials, enclose books in the bag and contact Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
for collection or take the bag to the nearest convenience store (agent for Yamato Transport) or regional office of Yamato Transport.
If the checked out material is too big to fit the bag, you may not use this parcel-delivery return service.
Please ensure that checked out books will be returned to the Library on or before the due date.

Home-delivery service [(2), (3)]

If you request via the Library website, by phone or at the Ebina City Library Counter, arrangement can be made for books you wish to check-out to be delivered to your home (only to the address registered at issuance of your user's card) for a charge.
Residents of Ebina City may use this service for 350 yen one-way and 1,000 yen for two-way service.
This service is available for books and magazines (except latest issues) carried in stock at Ebina City Library and Arima Municipal Library at the time of making such a request.
If you have applied for the two-way parcel-delivery service, enclose the books that you have finished reading in the dedicated bag and request Yamato Transport for collection, or take the bag to the nearest convenience store (agent for Yamato Transport) or regional office of Yamato Transport.
*Those who are non-residents, but wish to make use of this service, please contact the Library.

List of services available

parcel-delivery return service Home-delivery service
Home-delivery service
User qualification Residents of Japan Residents of Japan Residents of Ebina City
Max. number of materials Amount that will fit in one bag Up to 10 materials per user Up to 10 materials per user
Applicable materials ・Materials carried in stock by Ebina City Library/Arima Municipal Library
・Size of material must fit inside the dedicated bag.
・Materials carried in stock by Ebina City Library/Arima Municipal Library
・Size of material must fit inside the dedicated bag.
・Materials carried in stock by Ebina City Library/Arima Municipal Library
・Size of material must fit inside the dedicated bag.
Service charge Fixed rete: 500 yen 1,000 yen (limited to within the City)
*Non-residents please click HERE for information.
350 yen (limited to within the City)
Payment method Payable at the Counter Collect on delivery (home) Collect on delivery (home)
Term of check-out As normal 3 weeks 3 weeks
*Ensure that materials will be returned to the Library on or before the due date.

▼ 2-way home-delivery service charges for non-residents of Ebina City

The following charges will apply if a non-resident of Ebina City wishes to use 2-way home-delivery service.
* Inclusive of parcel-delivery carrier service fee of 225 yen.

Area Total service charge
(including taxes)
Hokkaido 1,150
Northern Tohoku 1,064
Southern Tohoku 1,042
Kanto 1,021
Ebina city 1,000
Shin-etsu 1,021
Hokuriku 1,042
Chubu 1,064
Kansai 1,085
Chugoku 1,107
Shikoku 1,129
Kyushu 1,150
Okinawa 1,539

▼ [Making a reservation via the Library website] Cautions in using home-delivery service

(1) If you specify your home as delivery destination, you will incur service charge of 350 yen for 1-way delivery or 1,000 yen for
  2-way delivery (applicable only to resident of Ebina City) upon shipment to your home. Please pay the appropriate amount of
  service charge to the parcel-delivery carrier when the material is delivered to your home.
(2) The Library regrets ,but you may not specify date of delivery.
(3) Material(s) will be shipped to the address registered at the time of issuing your user card. If you have changed address,
  ensure that you first update your registered address before making a reservation.
(4) If you specify your home as delivery destination for more than one material, the Library may need to break up shipment into
  more than 2 shipments. In this event, you will incur service charge for each shipment. Your understanding on this matter
  will be appreciated.
(5) If you choose telephone as reservation contact method and if the Library cannot contact you for you being away or other
  reasons, the Library will consider shipment as giving notice in lieu of contacting by phone.
(6) If you wish to cancel a reservation, please log-in to your MYPAGE and delete the reservation you wish to cancel form
  the Reservation Status Listing. You may not be allowed to delete a reservation from the list due to shipment
  preparation status. In such a case, please contact the Library.
(7) The term of check-out for home-delivery service is 3 weeks from the date of the Library completing check-out process
  (including period in transit).

7.How to extend term of check-out

Due date of a checked out material can be extended once only, as long as there is no reservation for that material. 
You may apply for extension from the Use Status screen of MYPAGE of the Library website, or at the Library counter.
◆Extended term of checked out material shall be for 2 additional weeks from the day you apply for extension.
   (NOT from the original due date).
◆Extension service shall not be available for overdue material.
◆Please note that term of material checked out from other municipalities cannot be extended in this manner.

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8.Search for materials

You may search for material from book tile, author etc., using the search device (iPad) provided at the Library.
You may also search for materials from your PC at home or smart phone via "Search/reservation" page of the Library website.
Please do not hesitate to ask a library staff if you are not sure of how to search for materials.

9.Restrictions on use of the Library

If you fail to return a checked out material by the due date, the Library will contact you by phone or e-mail.
If you continue to fail to return the over due material, the Library may send out a reminder notice.
Your user's card may be temporarily suspended depending on the length of over due period.
You are cordially requested to comply with the term of check-out in using the service of the Library.

10.Logging in to the Library website

A registered user of Ebina City Library may open a "MY PAGE" in the Library website.
You may make a reservation, apply for extension of check-out term, receive information on new arrivals and
other services from your MY PAGE. Users need not login to search for materials.
You will need to setup a Password in order to login into your MY PAGE.
Users who have been accessing Ebina City Library website will not be able to login with the old password as from October 2015.
with the old password as from October 2015.
You are cordially requested to register a new password at the Counter
Application to setup a new password is accepted at either Ebina City Library or Arima Library.
This application must be made by the user himself/herself.
A temporary password will be issued. The users may change to a password of your own choosing after logging in.
The temporary password will remain valid for a period of 1 month from the date of issuance.
Password needs to be one-byte (half-width) alphanumeric and 8 characters or longer, but no more than 22 characters long. Please mix letters, symbols and numbers.

*We recommended that you periodically change you password.

11.Making a reservation/request

If a book your wish to read is currently being checked out, you may make a reservation
for that book at the Counter or via the Library website.You may make up to 10 reservations at any time.
The Library will contact you when the desired book becomes available, Please check-out the book within 7 calendar days after receiving such notice..
(If you fail to check-out a reserved book within the prescribed period, the Library will deem that your reservation has been cancelled.)

You may only make up to 2 reservations for AV materials carried in Library inventory.
If you hold a registered password and if the material is already carried by the Library, you may make a reservation over the Internet.

If the material you wish to check-out is not carried by the Library, you may make a request at the Counter.
The Library will make every effort to meet your request by arranging to borrow from other libraries or otherwise.
However, the Library cannot meet every request we receive from our users, Your understanding on this matter is appreciated.
Please note that only citizens of Ebina or wide area users may make requests for purchase or loan from other libraries.

12.Use of the Internet

You may use an iPad to browse the Internet inside the Library.
If you wish to use this service, please come to the nearest Counter with your user's card.
*Use of this service will be limited to 1 hour per day per user.
*If the user is underage (under 12 years old), he/she must be accompanied by a person with parental authority.

13.Free Wi-Fi service

Free Wi-Fi spots are provided within the Library. You may use your PC or smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi free of charge.
Select the network named "EBINACITY-LIBRARY_WiFi" to use the free Wi-Fi service for the first time.
An authentication screen will be displayed. Enter you e-mail address. Password will be required.Password is posted in the Library.
You will only need to press on the authentication button from the second time to login automatically.

14.Copying service

You may make copies of Library owned materials within the legal framework allowed by Copyright Law.
If you wish to make copies, please fill in the "Copy Service Request" form.
You may use the copier machine after a Library staff verifies your request.
Copying service is chargeable.

Copying service charge:

Color 50 yen
B/W 10 yen

Locations where copying service is available

Ebina City Library 3F Reference Counter
Arima Municipal Library Reference Corner

Some materials, such as latest issues of newspaper, magazine or user's manuals on CD, may not be copied.

15.Services available to the physically disabled

Wheelchairs and baby buggies are available at the Ebina City Library.
One-on-one reciting service is available for persons with visual, hearing and other physical disabilities for whom it is difficult to read printed matters.
This is a service where volunteer transliteration staff of the Library reads aloud the desired book in the one-on-one recital room.
Prior reservation will be required for this service. Please make a reservation at the Counter or over the Phone.

16.Reference service

Library staff are available to answer questions and search inquirers on materials.
Library staff can use materials the library holds or information on materials held by other libraries to assist in resolving problems.
If it is physically difficult to arrange shipment of an original material, arrangements may be made for copies to be sent.
(May involve charges for making copies and shipping.) Please do not hesitate to consult the staff.

17.Rules on food and beverages

At the Ebina City Library, you may bring in beverages contained in PET bottles or a container with a lid (water canteen or similar) to the reading area. In addition, food and beverages purchased from Starbucks Coffee may be consumed at seats in the designated area. You may not eat packed foods or similar that you bring with you inside the Library. You are cordially requested to use the designated areas. Eating and drinking inside Arima Library is prohibited.

18.Other cautions

  • Photography anywhere inside the Library is prohibited. Your understanding on this matter is appreciated.
  • In addition, you are not allowed to use tablets, including PC, iPad or smartphone, or other electronic devices that generates noise in the 3F Study Room.
  • You are cordially requested to comply with the material return due date.
  • You may be required to compensate damages in the event of causing damage or loss of Library material.
  • Car parking facility is limited in its capacity. In so far as it is practicable, you are cordially requested to use public transport.

[For inquires] TEL:046-231-5152 FAX:046-235-5880