Ebina City Library 474-4 Kamigou, Ebina-shi, kanagawa, Japan, 243-0434
*Take Odakyu Line, Sotetsu Line or JR Sagami Line to Ebina Station, 7 minutes' on foot from the station
Arima Municipal Library 20-41, 1-chome, Kadosawabashi, Ebina, Kanagawa,, Japan 243-0426
Take JR Sagami Line to Kadosawabashi Station, 5 minutes' on foot from the station


  • ・Library visitors car parking: 5 cars (no charge)
  • ・Reserved parking spaces for the handicapped: 5 cars (no charge)
  • ・Common car park with the Cultural Hall and Municipal Welfare Hall: 360 cars (no charge)
     *Car parking capacity may vary while construction work is in progress at the car parking lot.
  • ・If you use the common car parking lot with the Cultural Hall/Municipal Welfare Hall, please ensure
     to bring the car parking ticket with you to the Library. Please validate your car paring ticket
     by using the validation machine located at the 1F Library Counter.
  • ・Please be advised that in the event of validating your car parking ticket using the validation machine after
     the closing hour of the common car parking lot, you will not be able to leave the car parking lot the
     following day.

Car parking in the vicinity may not be available all the time due to events and other circumstances.
Your understanding on this matter is appreciated.

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3 Facility guide map

Ebina City Library

For facility details

ebina city library floor map

Arima Municipal Library

For facility details

4 Ebina City Library: Facility guide

(1) Counter

The following 4 Counters are provided at the City Library.
Each counter serves different functions. If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to go to the nearest counter and inquire.

  • ・1F Library Counter: Hand out reserved materials, accept returned materials, issue user's cards etc.
  • ・1F Tsutaya Books Counter: Purchase of books and goods on sale. Accept orders.
  • ・2F, 3F Reference Counter: Inquiries on research and search for materials.
  • ・4F Kids Counter: Inquiries on research and search for materials. Sales of books and goods.

(2) Self-service Counter

You may check-out books, purchase books on sale at Tsutaya Books from the self-service counter.

(3) Kids' Library

Children's books and picture story books are available as a library for children.
In addition to enjoying the library with the parent(s), book reading sessions performed by volunteers or librarians and other events are held.
Play things are provided at the 4F Terrace, In fair weather, the family can enjoy quality time on the Terrace watching children play under the sun.

(4) Rare books corner

Library materials on Ebina City and Kanagawa prefecture are stored at the rare books corner on 3F.
Please contact the Library staff if you wish to use any of these materials.

(5) Talking Book Room for the Blind

Various types of services are available to person with visual, hearing and other physical disabilities. 
Talking book service is available for the reading impaired persons.

(6) Study space

Space with seat for research and study are provided. Seats are available on the first-comes-first-served basis. It is on 3F.
Any one may use this facility if a seat is available.

(7) Kid's toilet/Nursing Room

Toilets design for use by small children and nursing rooms are provided on 1F and 4F so as to facilitate use of the Library by young children.
* For reasons for safety, please contact a library staff nearby before using the Nursing Room.

(8) Bay strollers, Wheel chairs

Baby strollers for rent (no charge) are available on 1F and 4F. Wheel chairs for rent (no charge) are available on 1F.
* For safety reasons, please contact any library staff nearby before taking a baby stroller or a wheel chair.